by Vrag

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    The Vrag 2007 EP recorded by Vrag Moj solo in 2007. Previously released on tape by Winterreich Records, lim. to 50. Bonus Track "Black No. 1" - Type O Negative cover, previously unreleased. Cover photograph by Siologen.

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released January 7, 2007

Vrag Moj - bass, acoustic guitars, programming



all rights reserved


Vrag Hobart, Australia

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Track Name: St. Germain
Virtue of the Lord’s silence
There will always be
The Deep Green Sea
The word that brought the world to be
Resounds still in its heaving waves

I have lived too long and I am far-gone
Into despair of the deathless kind
Immortality has dulled my mind
The dusty æons have erased my home

I do not recall the place of my birth
My mother’s voice or my father’s trade
The pact I made was not in written times
My name is St. Germain now, for I have lost my name

Here on the Red Sea and underneath these stars
We are alone and that is why I talk
For if you tell my tale to others
They’ll scorn you as a liar and turn away

The world conceals no more secrets for me
I’ve traveled it end-to-end
And through the passing of the many times
I saw the same old folly reign

The lord is foul for he birthed the world
But men – his children are the very same
Time and again the same mistakes
Are made, regretted and forgotten

I say this to you as a fellow man
My immortality has wearied me
And if the choice was mine, I’d gladly lie
Into the ground with my mother and father

The ocean sways and in its chaos sounds
The secret of the Lord’s creation
Profound blasphemy against the Outer Light
The cradle of all death and life
…of all life and death.
Track Name: Black Amber
Lost within the man-made forest
Which is the city and it has no heart
Waiting for the end to start,
Release us from a bleak existence

The scorching purges of extinction
Will fracture concrete bark
To weep black molten sap
Solidify to black amber

I looked into your eye and saw there
The world is at a bitter end
The waters of the flood have swelled
And swallowed up dry land

Uncounted years hence
Upon a nameless shore
A murky gemstone will hold
A vision of our dying world

Nostalgia, oblivion
Remember, I too lived
And of the end I dreamed
Each night like death, not sleep

You spoke to me, your voice
Like a song across the sea
What did you say to me?
It passed out of all knowing

Pale distance towards a forgotten dawn
Sealed in amber deep beneath the sea
See what distant eyes could see
The passage of their time turned stone

Amber – see the old forests
That stood uncounted years before our births
And the pale dawn that warmed our ancestors
Gleaming through the petrified trees – long-fallen

Gaze into the black amber
And witness desolation
The burning of the soul
And of so many cities

The future beckons nothing
But a sign of death to come
I turn towards the past
For hope and inspiration

Sadness in my final days here
In knowledge of having found a way
I wish you well, I have no remorse
Our paths will never cross again, again.
Track Name: Death Fetish
A long time since the western world has lost its mind
Crawling through the void of its within
To the east the shadows stretch and climb
Love, devotion faith are wearing thin

Darkness falls upon all faces westward turned
The sun is setting in our tired hearts
The sun is setting on the moral world
Long devoid of any trace of god

Out there in the labyrinth of the daylight world
Horror has been for too long denied
Lust for horror must be satisfied
Lust alone, no longer stirs the heart

Witness the uncounted human candles
Flickering, their tiny lights
Once blown out draw the hungry eyes
Lusting for the sight of their demise

Alone in our sorrow? No not alone at all
We revel in the site of human death
This common destiny await the one and all
And therefore we are united in the end

The post-apocalypse unveils its brand of love
For all humanity after their human death
The rotting corpse is our fetish god
Our rite of worship is the dance of death.
Track Name: Alone Against The Absurd God
Satan I evoke you
Accept my sacrifice
In the name of darkness
I embrace all vice

As long as I remember
My essence was unclean
I dedicate to you
My flesh and all my deeds

The demon that unrests
Within my heart resides
Through which it channels hell
And all the hated arts

The lust of all the world
Is never satisfied
Within my heart it lies
Within my heart it lies

An inkwell sunk into
A cup of wasted tears
See youthful glee
Be marred with
Cold Cynicism and Hate

The angel’s weeping falls
Upon unhearing ears
Here light and truth are dead
And Christ is long denied

Here, reigns a funeral darkness
And in its gloom burns my wicked soul
The journeys of the desert fathers
Were solitary and so am I alone

Under the stars and the full moon
I wonder why I am yet enthralled
The wickedness of the flawed world
I am alone against the absurd god

The Lord’s silence to man’s prayers flaunts
his indifference to us
For he denied respite to even Christ
his son and messenger
The Lord is evil
And his word is scorn
His kingdom is a lie
And there is no paradise

The hopeless trickle of the life within
The artificial shadow of the steeple
Brings sadness and a will to die
But it gets better with a sip of wine

Here reigns a funeral darkness
And in its gloom I bear my torch
I turn and start upon unknown paths
The moon shines bright in the sky above

My light recedes and is soon unseen
I am alone against the absurd god.