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FLESH MECHANIC A collection of black metal songs, ranging from the raw distorted black metal to slower, crusty, almost d-beat like songs. It's infused with many aspects of classic black metal bands, with Mayhem being the closest in my opinion. Favorite track: Youth Against Christ.
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Released by Schattenkult Produktionen, January 9 2017


Recorded in 2009/10 and featuring Emaceator on guitar and Exciter on drums this is the sound of an unenviable future, narrated by a voice drenched in echo of a dreadful past. Shelved until now, it can be contained no longer.


released December 20, 2016

Vrag Moj - bass, vocal
Emaceator - guitar
Exciter - drums

Lyrics and engineering by Vrag Moj. Cover art by Arnold Böcklin, "Die Toteninsel" (fragment) 1884. This is one of five versions of this painting. It is believed to have been destroyed in a bombing raid on Berlin during WWII. Layout by Alexis Panaretos and Fiona Grace Mcdonald. Vrag logo by Heesco.



all rights reserved


Vrag Hobart, Australia

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Track Name: Fill the Void
I am alone
And I feel a void
Inside some distant, moist
And awaiting cunt

Filled to the brim
With a covetous fire
Lit by the Devil
To devour young flesh

And if one was to leaf through
The book of lies
Lust is a sin
Yet it sustains mankind

Fine then, we’ll fuck
Like the end is tomorrow
Give me some rope,
Some women, some wine

And as I would like to see
Human kind to die out
With a glistening fist
I bring joy but no life

Morbid Taboos are cast
By the thorny wayside
On the path towards
The gaping holes of hell

I'm overcome by a morbid darkness
Blacker than a sightless cave
When nothing’s left in this empty life but
The Penetrating joy of godless fucking

Worn out by dreams of depths
The sun arises – the end – it hasn’t come
Give me a sign you want more of my cum
To run between your breasts and thighs

Morbid taboos are cast
By the thorny wayside
Of what might be
The only path of life

Fuck in the name
Of the god up above
And the devil below
Of the book of lies.
Track Name: Cold Air
Вы извергнутые в ничто проснитесь
И втяните в ноздри бездны холод
Голод духа по растлению плоти
Выдворил из души лже-бога

И чтобы там не блеяли попы
Папы Римские или иные
Их проповеди все пусты
Пред смерти стылой пустотою

И смертоносной белизною
Блестит-то мрамор алтаря
Покиньте лже-спасителя
Вдохните вы свободы холод

Как подо льдом ушедшего моря
Изморозь блестит на мёртвом дне
И как во сне там медленно проходит
Процессия из никуда в нигде

Мертвы глаза и бéлы пальцы держат
Знамёна в клочьях, во гнилых древках
В ногу шагают осыпая прах
Их песня – шелест душей мертвых

В разрушенной обители Христа
Собрание бесов дурно воет
Разгул страстей терзает плоть и клонит
К разврату, зная что жизнь кратка

И чтобы там не блеяли попы
Папы Римские или иные
Их проповеди все пусты
Пред смерти стылой пустотою

В глазах святых подобий хладных
Бессмыслие их учений, мук,
И в лужах слёз как в зеркалах
Бессмыслие равнодушного бога

Смертельный ливень чёрный
Эпилог наших грешных дней
Приди – затми лже-светила
Ко истине смерти мы давно готовы

Блестящий изморозью ледяной
Стоит корнями в небо лес
Среди стволов седых кольцами вьётся змей, который
Дневное солнце проглотив летит

На восток, чертя серебром дорогу
Изморози и кружевом льда
Ступать за ним или остаться там ?
Ступать за ним или остаться там ?
Track Name: Слава Тебе Чёрное Пламя
Слава тебе чёрное пламя
Пылающее в наших сердцах

В мечетях, церквях - тюрьмах разума
Мертвеют сердца наших братьев

И если-бы усопшие восстали
Из забытых могил
И костлявым перстом указали
На истинный источник порока и лжи

Бессильные, обманутые люди
Желающие только конца
В надежде что жизнь от гроба
Будет лучше, будет лучше.
Track Name: Youth Against Christ
Do you believe in God?
All sin accounted for?
A magical man up in the sky
Watching over your daily life?

The mad rantings of long-dead monks
Recorded in the Book of Lies
That would have you that god is all
Yet evil is the work of demons

Youth Against Christ

He could not save himself
And in his tragic fiction
His god abandoned him
We do not need such gods or saviors

Youth Against Christ

I am no longer young
And I pass my torch to you
Carry it far and hold it high
Never a-let the Black Flame die.
Track Name: In the Cold Light of Solitude
In the cold light of solitude
Rests a clear and profound sadness
That in the end one is but one and that
To seek a multitude and to attain doom
One must be strong alone and carry
Their flame to a bitter end

In the dark world of inner thought
Born are the grains of truth
Temper your heart and hold them high
Follow no-one’s but your own command

Hear me! You are alone and so
You must be strong or else you will not bear
The burden of what you have started
And no will come to aid you

A gritted jaw and a clenched fist
A stubborn drive towards towards
No one will thank you and no-one will
Weep when you are dead and cold

This is the difference between
Them and us
They need assurance that their life
Is not a farce

They pray to Christ
Or count their karma
Eat "lo-fat" food
And watch the evening news

I hope this world comes
To a fiery end
I long to see these people
Dead and charred

Their meaningless,
Contrived lives
Amount to naught
But wind and ash

Their creed of weakness
Is abhorrent to me
I long rejected their
God and Christ

I stand alone
Because there is no-one

That I need in this empty life
Made full with only my desire
A never-fading burning black
The inner fire of my soul

And if these words stir up
A thought, a feeling, a renewed resolve
Join me in the cold light
Of inner pride and outer solitude.
Track Name: Death Fetish
A long time since the western world has lost its mind
Crawling through the void of its within
To the east the shadows stretch and climb
Love, devotion faith are wearing thin

Darkness falls upon the face of all
The sun is setting in our tired hearts
The sun is setting on the moral world
Long devoid of any trace of god

Out there in the labyrinth of the daylight world
Horror has been for too long denied
Lust for horror must be satisfied
Lust alone, no longer stirs the heart

Witness the uncounted human candles
Flickering, their tiny lights
Once blown out draw the hungry eyes
Lusting for the sight of their demise

Alone in our sorrow? No not alone at all
We revel in the site of human death
This common destiny awaits the one and all
And therefore we are united in the end

The post-apocalypse unveils its brand of love
For all humanity after their final death
The rotting corpse is our fetish god
Our rite of worship is the dance of death.
Track Name: Exile
Condemned by televised, radiant
Cynic court, that
Holds free will in contempt
Akin to murder

True freedom is the choice
To do what’s wrong and I
And that is what I
Have chosen

The shining towers of the empire
Might crumble in an eye’s blink
Fill up the streets with blood and bile
And rampant hedonism

They sun may dip beneath corrupt horizons
And never rise again a golden colour
A foul mist may drift and drain
All virginal virtue valour

Exiled in my own land
Laughing in melancholic spite
A corpse that has not died
A grey concrete shadow

Exiled from golden light, propelled
Through the vermillion (Sydney) darkness
And where you dwell I see
Red shining eyes of exile, exile, exile

If you were to lift those roofs
The queer things you’d see
A never-ending evil dream
Of exile, exile, exile, exile

No end in sight after the end
I could have pierced the world and back
But every night the same old tracks
Take me to the beginning

The sea here subsumes all
The cubist forms upon the hills above
The blotted stars in the salt mist
And their soft whisper: Exile.